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RESURS - Developing tourism in Sweden
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RESURS was formed in 1987 as a subsidiary to the National Tourist Board and with the objective of developing methods for statistics and economic analyses on travel and tourism. The customers were mainly national, regional and local tourism authorities.

In 1992 the company became a privately owned company, still with the same main objective and with the same customers. We are completely independent towards all branch and official interest.

We deliver facts and statistics to Swedish authorities, among them 200 counties and municipalities. We also work with strategic destination planning and market research. Our material is used for scientific purposes all over the public sector and media.

We own and run the Swedish Travel and Tourist Data Base, TDB. This is a survey, in progress since 1989, where we interview 2 000 Swedish citizens every month about their travel behaviour in Sweden and abroad. We have data for more than 500 000 trips. For more facts, see

TDB method and description.

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